Noah DelCoro

school  Masters in Electrical Engineering (🤖 focus) at University of Michigan
work  Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman Space Systems

I endeavor to be a part of future extraterrestrial robot-led missions. Please reach out if you can help me achieve that dream.

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Fingerprint Scanning Garage Door Openner


Fingerprint Scanning Garage Door Openerclose

Over 500,000 views on my Arduino-based project. I won over $10,000 in prizes for my innovation and thorough explanations on Instructables.

“Landmine” Finding Robot


“Landmine” Finding Robotclose

Used Atmel chipset (programmed with C) and a variety of sensors to find NFC “landmines”.

2 Link Planar Drawing Robot


2 Link Planar Drawing Robot close

Designed and built the hardware and software for a drawing robot.

NASA Senior Capstone


NASA Senior Capstone close

Integrating RPM feedback on ESC's for improved attitude control (of interest to Mars Helicopter JPL team)

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Lead Embedded Engineer

WickAway close

Developed embedded code and hardware for an IoT automatic candle extinguisher.